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There are billions people in the world and everyone's thought is different from each other. Some of them wants to get a job, start their own business or help others and rest all are depend on them. I'm also from those one who are depend on their family. My name is Rahul Dubey. I'm a student of BCA and interested in collect knowledge about new technologies and gadgets. There are very confusion between to do a job or starting my own business.

Rahul Dubey
In these days I'm fighting with the complicated thought "WHAT I WILL DO". One day I'm searching web for new introduced technologies and gadgets. I saw there are many websites and all are confusing. I recently thought to create a website and help everyone who wants the information about about new technologies and gadgets named WEBSTEALER. This website is created as per users need. If you wants to know about something then contact me or write your query in comment of any post i will give you full information about your query.