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How Augmented Reality Works

A guide to Augmented Reality
    Augmented Reality gathers a wide variety of user experiences. We distinguish 3 main categories of Augmented Reality tools.
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    • Augmented Reality 3D viewers, like Augment, allow to place life-size 3D models in your environment with or without the use of trackers.
    • Augmented Reality browsers enrich your camera feed with contextual information. For example, you can point your smartphone at a building to display its history or estimated value.
    • Augmented Reality games create immersive gaming experiences, like shooting games with zombies walking in your own bedroom!

    Augmented Reality devices

    Augmented Reality can be used on all screens and connected devices :
      webstealer augmented reality work 2 new technology
    • On smartphones and tablets, Augmented Reality feels like a magic window. Hundreds of Augmented Reality apps are available on iPhone, iPad and Android.
    • On PC and connected TV, Augmented Reality works with a webcam, which can be quite cumbersome when you have to manipulate a tracker in front of your screen.
    • On connected glasses and lenses, Augmented Reality feels like being Robocop.

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    1. For me one of the best examples of using augmented reality is Spyglass gps app. The app overlays compass, GPS and location info on top of visuals captured by an iPhone camera or the map itself. It can measure distance, sizes of objects, your speed, altitude and potential arrival time to the target. You can use it as a waypoints tool, sextant, compass, rangefinder, speedometer, inclinometer and more. You can check it out here


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